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Antonio Capobianco at the 16th Global Forum on Competition, OECD

Antonio Capobianco

Deputy Head, Competition Division


Keynote speaker

Centre for a Digital Society


Antonio Capobianco is a Senior Competition Expert with the OECD Competition Division and is currently the Acting Head of the Division. In this position, he is responsible for the proceedings of the OECD Competition Committee and for all the other competition work streams of the Division. Over the years at the Competition Division, Mr Capobianco has coordinated a series of OECD projects and work streams, including the development of the 2009 Guidelines for Fighting Bid Rigging in Public Procurement and the related OECD Council Recommendation of 2012, the work on transparency and procedural fairness, on SOEs and competitive neutrality, and most recently he has been leading the work on international enforcement co-operation. He has authored numerous Background Notes of the Secretariat on a variety of competition law enforcement and policy topics.

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