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Christian Bergqvist

Associated Professor

University of Copenhagen


Christian Bergqvist is Associated Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Copenhagen.

He specializes in EU Competition Law, particularly in its application to deregulated and network-tied sectors (telecom, energy, post, and transport) and abuse of dominance in general and within these sectors. Christian Bergqvist has extensive experience in competition law as an academic and practitioner, often bridging the two professions. Recently, Christian Bergqvist has been researching and writing about platforms, Big Tech, and the companies collectively referred to as FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google).

Christian Bergqvist edits the publication Konkurrenceretlige Emner, publishing the best student thesis within competition law from Danish Universities. Christian Bergqvist has also acted as a peer reviewer on other series/journals, e.g., CoRa, UfR, Justicia, ECLR, CLSR, and Melbourne Journal of International Law and Publishing Houses such as Springer and Routledge. Moreover, Christian Bergqvist had provided expert opinions before courts and agencies served as NGA to ICN for, e.g., DG COMP, and reported for international evaluations of national enforcement.

Before becoming a full-time academic, Christian Bergqvist served as a lawyer with Danish Tier-1 law firms and still functions as an of-council in complex cases, blending theory and practice and retaining close liaisons with the latter.

Christian Bergqvist is also a Senior Fellow at The GW Competition and Innovation Lab/GW DC US

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