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Ubiquitous technologies and 5G development. Who is leading the race?

Abstract The introduction of the fifth generation of mobile technology (5G) is expected to bring disruptive changes. These changes will be much more pervasive than any previous introduction of new mobile ‘generations’ and they...

The Policy Brief “Digital Markets Act in the making: Challenges and potential of the new EU regulation on Big Tech” summarizes the views and main points raised by the experts taking part in a high-level conference organised by the Florence School of Regulation – Communications and Media (FSR C&M) at the European University Institute (EUI) campus in Florence.

The conference focused on the Digital Markets Act (DMA), the proposed EU Regulation which was published by the European Commission on 15th December, 2020, and which aims to ensure fair and open digital markets. The proposal is currently pending approval by the European Parliament and the Council. The Conference gathered academics, practitioners, officials from the National Competition Authorities (NCAs), the European Commission, the industry, as well as from law and economic consulting firms, to discuss and exchange views on the controversies that have been generated by the DMA proposal. The diversity of views ensured a lively debate.

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