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Florence Conference on IP, Competition and Innovation


03 October 2024 09:30 CET
04 October 2024 17:30 CET

  • 03 Oct09.30 - 17.30
  • 04 Oct09.30 - 17.30


Villa Schifanoia

Sala Europa, Triaria, Belvedere

Submit your abstract to the ‘Florence Conference on IP, Competition and Innovation’ jointly organised by the European University Institute and the Max-Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition.

The interplay between intellectual property (IP) rights and competition law is nuanced and complex. While there exists a broad consensus at a high level that both IP laws and competition law share the objective to bolster consumer welfare and foster innovation, navigating their intersection poses significant complexities.

Theoretically straightforward, the practical implementation of innovation considerations within competition law enforcement, especially in IP-related cases, presents challenges. Furthermore, ongoing technological advancements and societal shifts are reshaping innovation processes and market dynamics, consequently influencing the role and utilization of IP rights within the marketplace.

Complicating matters further, the treatment of IP rights under competition law varies across jurisdictions, serving as a potential source of geopolitical tensions. Given the paramount importance of IP protection in international trade and the extraterritorial reach of competition laws, these differences carry substantial implications.

Against this backdrop, the Florence Conference on IP, Competition, and Innovation will feature presentations of selected unpublished papers from legal and economic scholars. These papers will address both overarching and sector-specific issues at the intersection of IP and competition law. During the two-day event, selected contributions will undergo thorough discussions, with a particular emphasis on exploring the societal ramifications of the research findings.

Keynote speech

Herbert Hovenkamp, the James G. Dinan University Professor and a distinguished Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, is set to deliver the keynote speech at the conference, drawing from his extensive expertise contemporary IP and antitrust issues. Notably, in 2008 Professor Hovenkamp was honored with the Justice Department’s John Sherman Award for his remarkable lifetime contributions to the field. With a wealth of experience, Hovenkamp has served on prestigious committees, including the ABA’s advisory committee on antitrust matters in 2012. As a renowned authority in his field, his keynote speech promises to offer invaluable insights into contemporary antitrust issues.

Best Junior Paper Award

A 'Best Junior Paper Award' will be presented to the most outstanding contribution among submissions by authors not older than 35 years of age.

Practical information

The participation fee is 150 euros, which includes an evening social event, meals, and refreshments at the venue. Participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses. Presenting a paper is not a requirement for participation. The participation fee applies to all attendees.


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