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Videos: The Way Towards the Internet of Things Conference

Following a succesful conference, The Way Towards the Internet of Things: Open Standards vs Silos in November 2019 we share our latest video interviews with conference presenters including keynote speaker Nikos Isaris, Acting Head...

FSR Communications & Media have published a working paper by Pietro Crocioni, Ofcom’s Record as a Competition Authority: An Assessment of Decisions in Telecoms. The instrument of concurrency, whereby UK regulatory authorities share and often in practice lead in the application of competition policy, is an important feature of the UK competition law regime. Several studies examined its pros and cons. This working paper critically assesses Ofcom’s (the UK’s communications regulator) application of its concurrent competition law powers to the telecom sector. This review identifies a number of shortfalls and provides several recommendations on how Ofcom could improve its record in applying its competition law powers to the telecoms sector to benefit consumers.

Access the working paper here.


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